Women of the Tri-Cities march, joining national protests

Demonstrators on the Tennessee side of State Street in Bristol. (Thomas Gray/WCYB)

Hundreds marched in Johnson City as part of the Tri-Cities Women's March Saturday.

The march continued last year's record breaking protests that involved millions of men and women. The marchers say they're advocating equal rights for women, an end to racism and more female candidates running for office.

"It started last year in Washington," event organizer Kathleen Moore said. "Many of us went to Washington, and we didn't stay local, but there was a group of women that wanted to stay local, and they had a huge march in Jonesborough last year. We wanted to continue that legacy and actually act locally, instead of going somewhere else."

The march wrapped up at Founder's Park. Participants listened to speakers and candidates at a rally.

Dozens of men and women also staged a protest along State Street in Bristol. Many held signs advocating voting in the midterm elections.

"My sign says, 'Never doubt thoughtful committed people can change the world,'" protester Brenda Jones said. "I believe that if we gather together, all of us come together as we're doing today, that we can make a difference."

Congressional midterm elections will be held in November this year.

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