Grandy, Reeves make final push before early voting begins in Washington County, Tenn.

Joe Grandy and James Reeves are facing off in a heated mayoral campaign in Washington County, Tenn.

Should it be Joe... or James?

Early voting begins Friday morning in Tennessee, with a contentious race for mayor leading the ballot in Washington County.

Joe Grandy survived a brutal republican primary, and now faces a challenge by James Reeves, who is running as an independent candidate.

A mechanic and small business owner by trade, Reeves has spent his life getting his hands dirty. But taking a dip into an already muddy mayoral election was a big step for the political outsider.

"I am best underneath the hood, I fix things," Reeves told WCYB. "I believe I can fix what's going on in our own government here."

Reeves decries what he calls corruption, greed and mismanagement of county resources by county politicians.

"They're in the middle of building a school, which is going to cost $40 million when it's done. There's a big argument in Jonesborough, and I told them, Jonesborough's going to be a fight. You can't build a brand school on one side of the county and not build one on the other side of the county. And you guys have lived here your whole lives," Reeves said.

Grandy, on the other hand, has spent the past 8 years serving as a commissioner in Washington County. He believes his time on the county commission proves his skills and experience as a leader.

"While I don't think that puts me as a political insider, I do think that's allowed me to understand the operations of the county and the various ways that it works," Grandy said.

Grandy believes leading the county to grow, and being responsible with the county's resources, should be the focus of the next mayor.

"We are not growing," Grandy said. "Clearly, in order for us to maintain the lowest tax rate in the region that we currently have, we're going to have to grow at at least the rate of inflation. We are not doing that at this time."

Early voting begins Friday morning and runs through Saturday, July 28th. The general election in Tennessee is slated for Aug. 2.

You can find all over your polling information here.

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