Hawkins County police: Intoxicated man arrested after firing shotgun toward house

Michael Laret (Photo credit: Hawkins County Sheriff's Office)

A Hawkins County man is behind bars after police say he made threats to kill a woman and fired a shotgun at a tree near her house while he was intoxicated.

Authorities responded to the 600 block of Old Highway 11W in Mooresburg around 1:20 a.m. Thursday. Police spoke with Michael Anthony Laret who said he was intoxicated and was trying to harass his neighbor. Police said the neighbor told them she saw Laret in the front yard of his house pointing a shotgun toward her house and said he told her several times that he was going to kill her and called her an expletive.

Police asked Laret about the situation who said he was just harassing her but admitted he fired two shots at a tree in the direction of the woman's house. An officer found two empty shotgun shells in the yard and asked Laret where the gun was. Laret told police the gun was in his house on the bed covered up with a blanket. The officer found the gun with the same kind of shell located outside in the gun.

Laret was arrested and charged with possession of a gun by an intoxicated person and reckless endangerment. He is due in court November 14.

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