Hitting the slopes: ski season is in full motion

Skiers and snowboarders enjoying fresh snowfall at Sugar Mountain.

When the snow falls, skiers and snowboarders head to the slopes, and at Sugar Mountain in North Carolina, it's been a busy season.

"So far this season, we've seen temperatures consistently below 30 and some days in the 40s and sunny and pretty so, it's been a nice pleasant winter. A little easier to work with than in the past two years," says VP and Director of Marketing at Sugar Mountain Kim Jochl.

Weather conditions are essential for a ski season.

"For the snow to stick around and have great conditions, it can get up to about 50-degrees or so. We just don't like to see rain and 50-degrees for about a week," Jochl says.

The busiest times for the ski industry are centered around good conditions and holidays.

"Typically, it's a Christmas holiday period for about two weeks and then Martin Luther King weekend and Presidents weekend, but any pretty weekend like this weekend is probably going to be very busy," Jochl says.

With all runs on the mountain open for the first time in two years, tourism is flourishing in Western North Carolina.

"The week of Christmas and especially the week after that's the busiest we've been in four or five years. All the slopes, all the restaurants, I mean everybody is stoked about it," says Marketing Director at Alpine Ski Center John Collins.

In addition to all 21 runs open, Sugar Mountain also offers tubing and ice skating.

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