Hospitals in North Carolina are taking in patients from the coast

Hospitals in NC are sheltering patients

Mandatory evacuation orders are in place for at least a million people in coastal areas of the Carolinas and Virginia.

This has required many health care facilities and hospitals to evacuate patients to a safe place.

This facility has proved a godsend for hospital patients evacuated because of the hurricane.

Laura Lambeth is the CEO of Ashe Memorial Hospital. She said, "it's been an experience for them that's for sure. They will never forget it."

Ashe Memorial stepped up like a good friend.

"One thing about the hospitals, not just in North Carolina, but around the country. If there is a fellow hospital in need, we join to help out in any way we can," said Lambeth.

This hospital in particular has taken three patients so far from the Pender Memorial Hospital in Burgaw, NC.

They are able to accompany more patients if need be from the hurricane.

"We are a critical access hospital so we have 25 beds. So that's why we knew we can take patients from the coast," said Lambeth.

Ashe Memorial is also taking precautions for when the storm moves inland.

Safety director Rick Swain is making sure all supplies are stocked for the weekend.

"Oxygen, the right amount of food, the basic medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, blood and re-agents that we would need to get us through this storm."

The emergency preparedness plan also has been enacted.

There is an additional step to try and ensure all staff and patients are safe and in good care.

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