Joe Grandy accused of campaigning within 100-foot boundary of polling location

Joe Grandy outside polling location in Jonesborough

A Washington County, Tenn. mayoral candidate is on the defensive after pictures surfaced showing him talking to two people within the 100-foot boundary surrounding a polling locations.

Pictures sent to WCYB show Joe Grandy, a two-term Washington County commissioner, talking to two people outside the Election Commission polling location in Jonesborough. A formal complaint was filed by supporters of Kent Harris and Mark Ferguson with the Election Commission over the weekend.

Grandy says the two people, who he identified as friends, stopped him as he was leaving the courthouse on commission business. He says he was not campaigning, but acknowledges he shouldn't have been speaking to them within the boundary.

"The reality is, I should not have stopped to talk to those people there," Grandy told WCYB, after being shown the pictures. "That was the wrong thing to do, it just didn't occur to me. You know, I would just apologize for it."

Violation of the boundary law, under Tennessee state law, is a Class-C misdemeanor. If convicted, Grandy could face a fine and up to 30 days in county jail.

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