Johnson City educators learn what's working to help students learn

JC Schools " A Look into our Schools" (Lee Owens)

The Johnson City school system is showcasing their innovative programs for their annual "A Look at our Schools" event.

School board members teachers and others listened while their colleagues demonstrated new programs they feel help students learn more effectively.

Some include a new advanced placement diploma that will be offered next year. They also talked about a flexible seating program that's becoming more popular among teachers.

"Many are in their first year of implementation. Some are a preview of changes to come in our schools that we're implementing for the '18-'19 school year. It's a great chance to see the variety of things that take place from kindergarten to the high school," Director of Instruction and Communications Debra Bentley said.

Bentley says it's good for teachers to hear what's been working in other classrooms around the school system.

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