Jury selected in Eric Azotea double murder trial


A jury of 12, plus four alternates, has been selected to hear the double murder trial of Eric Azotea, the Johnson City man accused of killing and dismembering a Sullivan County couple in 2015.

The jury will be sequestered for the duration of the trial. Opening arguments are expected to begin Tuesday in Carter County.

If convicted of first degree murder, Azotea faces the death penalty.

Issues with selecting this jury included those who would never, and would always, support the death penalty, and the pre-trial publicity this case has received.

"Any murder case is a tough case," District Attorney Tony Clark told WCYB. "We are seaking the death penalty in this case and there is hgihtened due process when that happens."

WCYB's John Engel will be in the court room for opening arguments tomorrow.

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