Kingsport police ask witnesses to fatal Hog Wild shooting to come forward

Hog Wild Saloon (WCYB Photo)

16-year-old William Newkirk Jr. indicated in court Wednesday he is not willing to waive extradition – at least yet - to face charges in a deadly Kingsport shooting. A decision on the transfer of Newkirk is now delayed until next month in Bristol Virginia juvenile court.

The nightclub where the shooting occurred remains shut down and an active crime scene. Police and state ABC agents were still at the scene Wednesday looking for evidence at the Hog Wild Saloon of what happened early Friday when they say Newkirk shot and killed 20-year-old Brett Rogers and seriously wounded another person in front of as many as 100 witnesses. Police are calling for witnesses to come forward.

“It's very obvious that many people saw it happen,” said police spokesman Tom Patton. “We've spoken to some witnesses but we're confident that there are some additional witnesses we've not yet spoken with so we're hoping those will come forward."

There's no question the upcoming parties advertised will not happen at the nightclub since fire and building code enforcers found major fire code violations, including exit signs not working, the roof leaking into electrical fixtures and the fire sprinkler system not operating.

News 5 asked if the nightclub should’ve been operating without fire sprinklers.

“Not with that many people in there -- absolutely not," said Fire Marshal Robert Sluss.

Records at the city recorder’s office show Paul Bellamy is the owner of the property. He has not returned our phone call.

Patton says despite Newkirk's age and reports he has special needs, there is no other suspect in the killing.

"As far as the individual who pulled the trigger in this case, the investigation is focused on one and only one person."


Kingsport authorities are asking witnesses to the fatal Hog Wild shooting which occurred on March 2 to come forward.

Authorities believe that more than 100 people were at the establishment at the time of the shooting.

Witnesses are asked to contact the Kingsport Police Department at 423-229-9429 as soon as possible.

State alcohol beverage control agents are also investigating the Hog Wild Saloon.

Zack Blair of the ABC confirms to News 5 that it regulates the licensing of the club in Kingsport to sell alcoholic beverages and he says their agents will work with local police to see if the club is a safe place and maintaining law and order as required by its license.

A juvenile, 16-year-old William Newkirk, Jr. of Bristol, Virginia, is charged with shooting and killing 20-year-old Brett Rogers of Kingsport. Another person shot and seriously wounded has been identified as Tony Njuyen.

And a third shooting happened hours later in Bristol, Virginia that police say left an innocent woman caught in the crossfire. Police say she’s going to be okay but that gunfire was possibly motivated by retaliation from the violence at the Hog Wild.

A Kingsport fire marshal temporarily closed down the night club for code violations.

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