Law enforcement and medical staff testify in day three of murder trial


BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn--Evidence collected at the scene of a triple murder was shown to a jury today in court.

Seth Denton, who was 19 at the time, is accused of going inside a family home on Henson Road in August 2015 in Bristol, Tennessee with a rifle and killing his mother Toshya Millhorn, 39, his stepfather, James Millhorn, 36, and his grandmother, Lena Rose, 57. Investigators said six children including five of Denton's half siblings under the age of 10 witnessed the shootings.

Wednesday, January 16th was day three of the trial.

The ER medical staff at Bristol Regional Medical Center treated the two girls that were inside the home during the triple murder. The girls were injured from flying debris caused by the shootings.

Sharon Nunley, a nurse practitioner, said it took them an hour to wash the two girls. Nunley testified they were covered in blood, and the oldest girl had a puncture wound to her upper thigh.

"The X-ray showed there was a foreign body in the leg," said Nunley. "We could tell by looking at it that it wasn't a bullet...just by the way it looked on X-ray."

Nunley was asked to show the jury the bone fragment they removed from the oldest girl's leg.

Seth Denton was also injured on August 29th, after his grandfather, Curtis Rose, shot him in the arm.

Dr. Miranda Moretz treated Denton for his gunshot wound. Moretz said Denton was stoic, and withdrawn.

“He would not answer my questions," said Moretz.

Later in the afternoon, multiple detectives with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office were called in to testify.

Detective John Wendel Porter showed the jury what police believe is the murder weapon, a M1 Garand, as well as 7 spent shell casings that were collected at the scene.

Lt. Steve Williams, who was a detective at the time of the murders said they also searched Denton's apartment on King College Road, and his vehicle.

“I collected a shirt that had pockets in the sleeves that had ammo in it, and an ammo box and a rifle," said Williams.


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