Law enforcement from across the country honor Trooper Dowell

(WCYB/Caleb Perhne)

Law enforcement officers from across the country came to the funeral of Virginia Trooper Lucas B. Dowell to show their support.

Each officer used the same word to describe law enforcement: "brotherhood". Even though most of the hundreds of officers never met Dowell, the loss still hit them hard.

(Lt. Brian Anderson - Missouri Highway Patrol 1)

"It doesn't matter if you work for the state or the city or the county or what state you're in,” Lt. Brian Anderson of Missouri said. “We're all in this together."

Hundreds of officers from across the country gathered in Chilhowie to honor one of their own, from Vermont, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Maryland and more showing support.

"We've obviously lost members of the Missouri Highway Patrol,” Anderson said. “(We) feel the state of Virginia's pain right now."

It hits New York Trooper Romel Arias even closer to home. He worked for the Virginia State Police for nearly five years.

"It makes a closer connection,” Arias said. “There's a bond here we're never going to lose."

Officers said they understand the sacrifices their "brothers" make to keep others safe. It’s a sacrifice no one can understand better.

"We deal with things that nobody else sees,” New York Trooper Nathan Seifried said. “We deal with things nobody else knows about. We miss all sorts of events. We miss holidays, birthdays, little league games."

Losing Dowell served as a reminder to them of the dangers they face each and every day.

"The reality is it could happen to any one of us, any day, any given time,” West Virginia Sr. Trooper Michael Brooks said.

Officers honored Dowell's work by supporting the family through their toughest moments.

"To be able to support them, all the way from New York and come down here and show a face, I feel the brotherhood here,” Arias said. “It's always going to be with us."

The officers joined in a long procession as Dowell's body was laid to rest. The procession passed under a massive American flag as people lined the street in his honor.

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