Local church vans vandalized


Enon Baptist Church in Jonesborough has three church vans.

On Friday night all three were vandalized-- tires slashed, windows smashed in, and upside down crosses spray painted on the sides.

The Washington County Sheriff's Department and the Unicoi County Sheriff's Office are investigating several similar cases across the region.

The pastor of Enon says the church vans are used to pickup children from low-income families. Then the kids are brought to the church for meals and church services.

"Three other churches in the community are stepping up to let us borrow vans so that we can have our food ministry on Wednesday night. If that didn't happen, we would have to call the kids and tell them we can't feed them tonight," said pastor David Effler.

The Washington County Sheriff's Department says it appears the vans were hit by paintballs.

They say several homes in Unicoi County were also vandalized in a similar manner.

No suspects have been arrested at this time.

The investigation is ongoing.

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