Local Firefighters travel to Richmond, VA to fight for better workers compensation laws


Two local firefighters will be fighting a different battle on Tuesday.

This time it's on the legislative floor.

Bristol, Virginia Battalion Chief Michael Wise and firefighter Bryan Boyd will travel to Richmond for the "Walk The Line" cancer walk.

They will join the hundreds of Virginia firefighters who hope to raise awareness of the dangers of cancer.

It is suspected that firefighters have a higher risk of getting cancer than the general public.

They hope to persuade local legislators to change the current workers compensation law so firefighters that have work-related cancer aren't denied coverage.

Wise says many local firefighters are suffering from cancer.

"We've had firefighters with spinal cancer, bladder cancer, every kind of cancer that's out there we have high numbers in this fire department and we are doing everything that we can on the local level," says Wise.

Wise also says local government officials have agreed to walk alongside them on Tuesday.

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