Locals uncover military dog tags, find owner of tags through social media

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Ronald Sneed and Kathy Ruth live in Bristol, Va.

Last month they uncovered an unexpected item in their backyard.

"Kathy hollered at me and told me to come look at it, and I did and it looked like a dog tag, but I never saw something quite like that," said Ronald Sneed.

They tried to find the owner of the tags, but with no luck. Until going online this weekend.

"We posted a picture of the tags on Facebook, and within a day people were finding all kinds of information on this man and it helped a lot," said Kathy Ruth.

They were able to figure out the tags belonged to World War II veteran Scott Falkner, who passed away in 1970 in Ohio.

They were also able to connect with Falkner's two living children in Ohio, and his nephew who lives close by in Blountville, Tenn.

"Where he found the dog tags is where my uncle had lived before," said Bobby Faulkner, Scott's nephew.

Bobby has been tracing his family's history for years, and kept an interest in his uncle.

"I remember he gave me an engine for my '55 Chevrolet. He was really a nice guy. I liked him a lot," said Bobby.

Sneed plans on sending the dog tags to Scott's daughter in Ohio tomorrow.

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