Naked Kingsport woman charged after falling through ceiling at restaurant

(J. Hamm / Facebook / Special to WCYB)

Police estimated $500 worth of damage to a city restaurant occurred when a naked Kingsport, Tennessee woman fell through the roof twice Tuesday evening.

Harley C. Morton, 26, is charged with criminal trespassing, vandalism and disorderly conduct and was nude from the waist down when investigators took her into custody at Cook Out on East Stone Drive, according to Kingsport Police Department records obtained Wednesday by WCYB.

The report said Morton gained access into the ceiling just after 11 p.m. by entering an unauthorized area with stairs that led to the roof then pried open a screen to an air conditioning vent.

A Cook Out employee told an officer that Morton partially fell through a ceiling tile in the kitchen then pulled herself back into the roof area and began running around. Investigators found broken support rails and busted ceiling tile on the floor and then found Morton's wallet and other ID on the roof, the report said.

The suspect then fell through another tile and was apprehended shortly thereafter, the report said.

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