New laws going into effect in Tennessee on July 1

    A number of new laws will go into effect in Tennessee on July 1. (WCYB Archive)<p>{/p}

    A host of new laws will go into effect July 1 in Tennessee.

    Drivers Licenses

    HB0222 requires a person to show proof of U.S. citizenship, proof they are a lawful permanent resident, or they are authorized to be in the country in order to obtain a Tennessee driver's license.

    Sexually Oriented Businesses

    HB1701 imposes a $2.00 tax on a sexually oriented business for each customer who enters the establishment. The taxes will allocated to the general fund with the intent of using the funds for programs that help victims of sex trafficking. The tax would be repealed in the year 2021.


    HB2152 will make it easier for consumers to buy local by authorizing the labeling of any milk made in the state to be labeled "Local Tennessee Milk."

    Bounty Hunters

    HB2039 requires bounty hunters to wear clothing clearly identifying themselves with the words "bounty hunter" any time they are working as a bounty hunter.


    SB1787 allows for an individual distributing fentanyl or carfentanil illegally or in combination with other drugs to be charged with second degree murder if a person who takes the drug dies.

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