New Tennessee state health official's job: Monitor Ballad Health's COPA compliance

Former UVA Health System CFO Larry Fitzgerald has been hired to monitor Ballad Health's compliance with an issued Certificate of Public Advantage by the TN Dept. of Health. (WCYB Archive / BH)

A noted health official from Virginia has been hired by Tennessee to monitor Ballad Health's compliance with their Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA).

Larry Fitzgerald, the former chief financial and business development officer for the University of Virginia's Health System, will begin his new job on June 1, according to a report issued Wednesday by Tennessee Health Commissioner John Dreyzehner.

“The monitor will play a significant role in the COPA process, and Larry Fitzgerald brings years of expertise and experience to the post,” Dreyzehner said in the statement. “As Ballad charts a new course for health care in the region, meeting key measurements is crucial to the fundamental goal of providing a public advantage to the residents of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.”

Ballad Health is the new company formed after Wellmont Health System and Mountain States Health Alliance agreed to merge in March 2015.

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