News 5 learns identity of 16-year-old accused of murder at Kingsport club

Hog Wild Saloon

Sources tell News 5 that William Newkirk is the 16-year-old accused of fatally shooting a man at a Kingsport club early Friday morning.

Brett Rogers, 20, was found on the ground with a patron performing CPR when police arrived to Hog Wild Saloon, and was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to the hospital.

Bristol, Virginia police believe a shooting at the Eastridge Apartments only a couple hours later was in retaliation to the shooting at Hog Wild Saloon, though they haven't been able to figure out who pulled the trigger. A woman was hospitalized with serious injuries but is recovering well, according to police.

Newkirk is in custody charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault. The district attorney has not yet announced any plans to charge him as an adult.

Hog Wild Saloon remains closed because of several major fire code violations that were noticed by police officers and passed along to the Kingsport fire marshal. The sprinklers inside the building were turned off, lights to exit signs weren't working, improper heating units were being used and water was leaking toward electrical units.

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