Nonprofit gifts Scott County girl an outdoor accessible wheelchair

A 4-year-old in our region has a lot to be thankful for this Christmas. (Photo: Crystal Gilliam)

A 4-year-old in our region has a lot to be thankful for this Christmas.

In fact, you could call Elaina Gilliams’s December trip for treatment in Charlottesville a Christmas miracle.

"They are weak, but he is strong," Elaina sang, finishing up 'Jesus Loves Me' for the visitors in her living room.

Elaina loves to sing and dance. She loves her puppy, Marshmallow.

She loves to play with her big brother and sister, but there is one problem.

"The only time we get to play football was just in the house and sometimes we don't get to play in the house," Elaina's brother, Nathaniel, said.

Elaina was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, which means her spine is only partially developed. It affects her lower body. She often gets around in her wheelchair, but it limits her playtime outside.

Elaina's mom, Crystal said, "Usually in the summer, the kids are running around in the yard. She likes to, so my husband and I are carrying her and running with the kids in the yard. It's hard for her wheelchair to be in the yard."

Thanks to a Christmas gift from the nonprofit Mason's Toybox , Elaina has an off-road upgrade. The Gilliams are waiting on a new powerwheels to be delivered this week.

On a scale of 1-10, the Gilliam children say they would categorize their excitement at a 100.

News 5 spoke with the founder and president, Kelley Kassay. Kassay tells us she lost her son seven years ago to childhood cancer.

They have donated gifts to more than 35,000 families in his honor.

"It means the world because when my son was in the battle for six years, there were other organizations that helped us and there was no other way we were able to survive," Kassay said.

The best Christmas gift for Elaina is still to come. The family previously thought she would be unable to have a kidney transplant she needs, but tests are now moving forward for a kidney donation from her grandmother.

"It was a Christmas miracle for us," Crystal told us.

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