Seth Denton murder trial begins in Sullivan County

Denton in Court--

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn-- Nearly two weeks after a judge abruptly cancelled proceedings, the murder trial of Robert Seth Denton began in Blountville.

A jury was selected just after 10 a.m., Monday and opening arguments began after lunch at 1p.m.

Denton, who was 19 at the time, is accused of going inside a family home on Henson Road in August 2015 in Bristol, Tennessee with a rifle and killing his mother Toshya Millhorn, 39, his stepfather, James Millhorn, 36, and his grandmother, Lena Rose, 57. Investigators said six children including five of Denton's half siblings under the age of 10 witnessed the shootings.

“The 6 children in the kitchen, still in their swimsuits, shocked.devastated, and covered in blood," said District Attorney, Teresa Nelson in her opening statement.

Denton is accused of shooting his 3 family members with a M1 Garand rifle.

"He fired that weapon.... Not once, not twice, not even three, four, five, or six times, but at least 7 times," said Nelson.

Ricky Curtis is Denton's attorney, and said in his opening statements the real shooter was Denton's grandfather, Curtis Rose, who was also at the house the day of the shooting.

"She told you 7 shots were fired. Proof that you are going to hear will make you ask where did she come up with that number," said Curtis.

According to police, Rose went inside the home and found his wife, daughter, and stepson dead. Rose went outside with a semi-automatic gun and fired one shot hitting Denton in the arm. Denton then called 911

"Curtis Rose fired a weapon on Aug 29th 2015," said Curtis. "Curtis Rose said Seth Denton shot his family. Curtis Rose called 9-1-1, and within 30 seconds of the phone call says Seth Denton did it.”

The trial continues Tuesday morning at 9:00a.m., in Criminal Court in Blountville.

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