Police: 2 hidden cameras found in VT bathrooms, disguised as wall charger & clothing hook

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    BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The Virginia Tech Police Department said they removed two separate hidden cameras from public restrooms on camera.

    Police said they took two reports of found the two separate video recording devices; one disguised as a USB wall charger, plugged into a live electrical outlet, the other disguised as a clothing hook mounted with adhesive and Velcro on the wall.

    They released photos of what the cameras looked like so you can also be on the lookout.

    If you see something suspicious that could be a recording device, police ask you to contact them immediately at their non-emergency number 540-382-4343.

    They ask you not to remove the item yourself as it could interfere with obtaining evidence.

    If you have any information regarding either of these incidents, please contact the Virginia Tech Police Department and ask to speak with an officer.

    Update: A suspect has been identified, and is being cooperative with law enforcement. The suspect has admitted responsibility for their part in placing the cameras that were found in public restrooms.

    An investigation is being run to find out whether the suspect acted with anyone else, or if their are more cameras on campus.

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