Power and water outages cause thousands to find a warm place to stay

Thousands are without power throughout the Tri-Cities and Southwest Virginia. (Christy Calcagno/WCYB)

The sunshine helped residents across the region dig out of snow drifts.

But with the melting snow comes the risk of roads and sidewalks being slick with black ice as temperatures drop again.

"It looks shiny and it looks wet but it's actually very dangerous," says Jeff Brickey from Scott County EMA.

The possibility of black ice increases on secondary roads and local streets.

Drivers are warned to stay safe on the roads and be alert.

"By the time you get on it, it's too late. We advice people to drive carefully, slow down and pay attention to the road conditions," says Brickey.

The snow storm also caused power outages throughout the Tri-Cities and Southwest Virginia.

Appalachian Power reports most of the damage is in Scott county, Virginia where more than 4-thousand customers remain at this time without service.

And in Sullivan County there are more than 3-thousand outages.

Some residents, including Dorrine Young from Kingsport, won't get her power back till Thursday.

"I've been over here for a year and a half and I never lost power. It just surprised me that we did, " says Young. "We live in the county but only two miles from the city line."

Scott County also announced a boil water advisory in neighborhoods that lost water.

Some of the major communities that lost water include: Cliff Mountain, Mabe Stanleytown, Rye Cove, Anglers Way, Slant, Clinchport and Ft. Blackmore.

"They may not all be out of water, but lower pressure in places which is a concern. Also it affects fire fighters in the county so those are the concerns we have," says Brickey.

If you are without power or water, officials suggest you seek to stay with a relative, friend or at local shelter until service returns.

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