Power, road crews and the public prepare for heavy snow

(WCYB/Caleb Perhne)

People across our area are already stocking up, preparing for the snow storm. Appalachian Power is requesting help in the event of major power outages.

Jeremy McCarty is stocked up for the storm, buying a new snow shovel and salt to make sure he can get to work this weekend.

"I'm a mail carrier, so I'm pretty concerned because if the truck can get the mail there, I've got to go no matter what,” McCarty said.

McCarty said he has more than 30 gallons of water and plenty of groceries in case he gets stuck.

Holston Hardware in Bristol is also seeing more customers.

"It's increased in the last week or 10 days,” employee Bill Mumpower said. “It sure has increased. I think we're having a better year this year than most years in the past.”

One of the big things people are buying is a source of heat that does not rely on electricity. There are lots of different options: propane, kerosene, even wood-burning stoves.

Local power crews are also getting ready. BVU cut down a dead tree Thursday to keep it from falling on power lines. They trim all year long.

CEO Don Bowman has workers on call, and extra equipment is ready to go.

"Most of the inventory items we have have long lead times,” Bowman said. “If you haven't placed your order 12 weeks ago, you probably aren't going to get it in time for this storm."

VDOT started preparing in September to plow and salt roads. The interstates will be pretreated. Workers are ready to go when the storm strikes.

"We'll have two 12-hour shifts once we declare the snow is coming,” spokesperson Michelle Earl said. “Everybody gets to the work they usually do."

They're asking people to stay off the roads to make clean up more efficient.

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