Report: 5-year-old Tennessee boy takes mom's pistol, fires two shots

No injuries were reported after a 5-year-old from Sequatchie County, TN got his mother's pistol and fired two shots. No charges will be filed, police said. (MGN)

Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock says a young boy got a pistol out of his mother's car and fired it twice Friday morning.

No one was hurt, and Sheriff Hitchcock says deputies do not plan to charge anyone in the case.

He tells WTVC that a neighbor saw the boy, who's about 5 years old, playing with a younger child in his front yard, and noticed the older boy was holding a pistol.

The neighbor told investigators he saw the boy fire the pistol twice into the ground, and then dropped it.

Deputies took statements from the neighbor and the boys’ mother, who was home at the time.

Hitchcock says deputies called the District Attorney for guidance. They were told by the DA that there was not enough evidence to charge anyone with anything.

Sheriff Hitchcock says the incident is another reminder for all gun owners to be safe with their guns, especially in the presence of children. "If you have a weapon in your car, it should be secured at all times.”

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