Sheriff: Jail inmates hatched escape plan from Southwest Virginia hospital

Faith Skipper, 29, Samuel Blake Taylor, 28, and Carla Norris Allen, 37. (SVRJA)

Three people including two inmates at the Abingdon Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority complex have been charged after investigators uncovered an planned escape last month.

Washington County, Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman said information was received about the scheme that involved an inmate receiving medical treatment at a local hospital on June 17. The inmate, who was not specifically named in Thursday's report, had reportedly made comments about the escape plan from the medical center, causing police to have extra officers on-hand during the inmate's hospital trip.

Newman said the plan included:

  • Taking the officer's radio by either choking or pepper-spraying the deputy.
  • Calling in a bomb threat to the Exit 29 area of Interstate 81 in Glade Spring to divert law enforcement

The inmate formulated another escape plan days after the hospital visit and investigators were able to find written evidence of the scheme in the jail, the report said.

Faith Skipper, 29, a current inmate from Glade Spring, is charged with felony conspiracy assault on a correctional officer, conspiring with another prisoner to escape, attempt to escape and conspiracy of making a bomb threat.

Another inmate, Carla Norris Allen, 37, of Meadowview, is charged with conspiracy to make a bomb threat.

Samuel Blake Taylor, 28, of Bristol, Virginia, is charged with conspiracy to aid in a prisoner's escape, conspiracy of making a bomb threat and conspiracy assault on a correctional officer.

All three are being held without bond, the report said.

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