Simple steps to help prevent storm water damage and flooding

    Removing leaves and debris from storm drains can significantly help prevent flooding. (Christy Calcagno/WCYB)<p>{/p}

    Johnson City-

    Our meteorologists are warning of potential flood damage this week.

    This flood threat comes after some homes and businesses and even schools just recovered from storm damage.

    Experts say shoveling or raking a storm drain grate can go a long way.

    "In a situation like that, if you were to see that outside your home on a street drain, there is no need to reach out to the city this late in time. Go ahead and remove that little bit of debris and let that drain flow freely," says Bob Pakrul of Spotless Cleaning.

    On average, in the month of February, we typically see around 3.45" of rain.

    This week, we could see as much or more in just a few days.

    "Some suggestions I have for a homeowners would be to check the drains around your house and check your street drain. If there's loose debris you want to clear them off," says Pakrul.

    Through the National Flood Insurance Program, you can recover losses from flood damages.

    In addition, police advise these safety tips:

    Don’t drive through standing water and remember 1-foot of flowing water can sweep away a vehicle.

    Also pay attention to barricades and don’t try to drive around them.

    Most flood related deaths occur in vehicles.

    ETSU spent 2 million dollars to put a stop to campus flooding last year.

    "Our grounds division goes out every quarter and they clean the basins and make sure there's no debris. We also go to these retention ponds to make sure there is no trash there because that water ends up into our storm water drains," says Mark Jee the director of the Environmental Health and Safety.

    A campus team is checking dozens of drains and will be monitoring the rain for potential flood zones.

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