Study: More tornadoes for Tennessee, Kentucky, and other 'Dixie Alley' states


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A new study in the Climate and Atmospheric Science Journal finds trends are increasing for tornadoes in Tennessee, Kentucky and other states in "Dixie Alley."

Researchers with Northern Illinois University say the area traditionally called "Tornado Alley" is extending east to include Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Researchers based the findings in part by using Theil-Sen slope analysis, which is a linear trend estimator. They also used Kendall's test for statistical significance.

Looking and the trends and environments, researchers say increases in tornado frequency in the mid-south combined with environment and population density poses increased risk to an already vulnerable population. Researchers add this places the mid-south as having the "greatest potential for increased tornado disasters by the end of the century."

These impacts are heightened due to increases in population, which increases those at risk and exposure. Researchers say the trends are consistent with climate change

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