Teachers deliver food to students during snow day

(WCYB/Caleb Perhne)

Many schools across our region have been closed three days and counting. For some kids, no school can mean not enough food.

Bristol, Virginia teachers sacrificed their snow day Wednesday to make sure students don't go hungry.

"I just delivered food to one my students, and he was tickled to see me," Virginia High School teacher Noah Ashbrook said. "which made me even happier that I decided to do this today."

Seventy-five percent of Bristol, Virginia students are on free or reduced lunch. That means without these food items, while they're out of school, many of these kids wouldn't get enough to eat.

Some Bristol schools normally serve three meals a day. They opened Tuesday just to serve lunch.

Donations from businesses, churches and other organizations mean meals will continue. The boxes included everything from cereal to macaroni to stuffing.

"Every family will also get a free voucher from Food City to pick up a ham or a turkey, so all of our families should be very well taken care of for a few days," Superintendent Keith Perrigan said.

Ashbrook said, "It shows some of the students that we're more than just the people that give them grades. It kind of bridges that gap between the school system and the community."

Twenty-four families signed up to receive food, more than 50 kids.

Teachers said it helps them make deeper connections with students.

"We're making another type of relationship with them," Shauna Russell said. "It shows them that we actually do care about them outside of school hours, not just during school hours."

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