Tennessee bill would have vapor products go way of the cigarette


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Vapor products could go the way of the cigarette if a new bill filed in the Tennessee legislature passes.

SB0026 would limit the places where a person can use vapor products, similar to current law which bans cigarette smoking in enclosed places and schools.

Sponsored by Senator Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga), the use of vapor products would be banned from areas affecting children. Child care centers, community center rooms/areas used by children, group care homes when children are present, healthcare facilities when children are present, public and private kindergartens, elementary, and secondary schools are among areas cited in the bill.

Also included are museums, youth development centers, zoos, public seating areas on school grounds, and residential treatment facilities for children.

Each of the areas described would ban vapor product use if children are present or use the areas. However, as with smoking, vaping would be allowed in designated areas deemed safe from children.

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