The Air Titans keep the track dry for race night

At BMS there is seven Air Titans, four jets, three vaccums, and one broom to clean the track

The rain came and went at Bristol Motor Speedway and the night race continued as planned.

But first, the track had to dry.

They are called the Air Titans.

They are giant trucks that travel the NASCAR circuit drying the track after it rains.

Thomas Davenport is NASCAR's manager of the Air Trains.

He said, "We have 21 units with two service trucks so if we go to the tracks like the Poconos, Daytona or Talladega, we will have all 21 units."

But here at Bristol, they only need seven Air Titans because it's only a 1/2 mile track.

"It's relatively small in size of equipment in this track compared to others," said Davenport. "Plus concrete drys quicker than asphalt."

Steve Casper is one of the Air Titan drivers.

He showed us how the machine works to clear the track.

"We get in sequences of four and three and we normally start at the tops of the track," said Casper. "And each truck is all the way staggered down."

BMS is equipped with seven Air Titans, three vacuums and one broom to keep the track dry and safe.

"The longest it should take is about an hour," said Davenport. "Probably the quickest we can get it done is 40-45 minutes."

"It used to take five hours, now it takes two hours," said Casper. "This track right here, in two hours, they are ready to race."

NASCAR's Go Green initiative hopes to clear the tracks quicker and eliminate the amount of emissions into the air.

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