THP: 100 crashes in Knox County due to icy roads

THP: 100 crashes in Knox County due to icy roads

Icy roads made for quite the mess across East Tennessee Monday morning.

A mix of sleet, freezing rain, and rain fell across the area.

As of noon Monday, the THP Knoxville district had investigated 25 non-injury, and 2 injury crashes.

Knox County dispatch estimated approximately 100 wrecks including wrecks with injury and without and people who exchanged information, according to a report from WBIR.

KPD said they received more than 50 calls for weather-related wrecks but there were only about 19 accidents that had reports completed for them. According to KPD, the other incidents were either unfounded or gone on arrival or turned out to be a non-injury crash.

In the Tri-Cities, most localities are not reporting any weather-related crashes Monday afternoon. 

The good news is that we don't anticipate any re-freezing overnight since temperatures should stay above 32 degrees in most locations.

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