Tri-Cities brewers team up for community brew, look ahead to Craft Beer Week


    JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. --- With Craft Beer Week right around the corner, Brewers from around the Tri-Cities are again collaborating on a special recipe.

    The 2019 Tri-Cities Brewers Guild Collaboration Brew Day was held at Great Oak Brewing in Johnson City on Thursday. They began brewing a chocolate, orange porter in honor of the Thirsty Orange Beer Festival.

    "It's hard grueling work and so when you find somebody that has gone through that same challenge, that crucible, as you have, you already kind of have that brotherhood in this community," said Justin Carson, head brewer of Great Oak Brewing.

    The goal is to set competition aside, at least for a moment, to raise the quality of craft beers from around the region.

    "Even last night, Eric Latham from Johnson City Brewing was at Gypsy Circus helping out," said Aaron Carson of Gypsy Circus Cider. "We do that all the time. It's not only once a year, it's probably once a week."

    The community brew will be showcased at this year's Thirsty Orange Beer Festival, a weekend festival of professional and home brews to cap off craft beer week.

    Thirsty Orange Beer Festival will be held on April 13th at Founders Park in Johnson City.

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