Tri-Cities rally together in support of hurricane evacuees

Bristol Motor Speedway

People in the Tri-Cities may not see the worst of Hurricane Florence, but are coming together to help those who will.

Several campers are now taking advantage of free parking and hook ups at Bristol Motor Speedway.

"We are so blessed by this," said Jane Ross, who's Kitty Hawk, North Carolina home is in a mandatory evacuation zone. "Any time there is a tragedy, or something terrible is going to happen, the goodness of people comes out."

Florence gave BMS an opportunity to show a side of servitude.

"It's good that we've got a facility that we can offer to people and they can come in and utilize but at the same time, it's tough. Our hearts and prayers go out to them," Logan McCabe said.

For those who don't have an RV, a group of friends in Johnson City established a grass roots Facebook group to connect evacuees with available rooms and resources.

"This was something all of us could do together," Ren Allen said. "It takes a village. You can't do this on your own. Creating a group does nothing if you don't have a kind, warm, amazing community to step in and fill that gap."

BMS plans to offer free parking and hook ups for as long as possible. The lot won't be needed again until Christmas.

You can find the Facebook group here.

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