UPDATE: Canter guilty of murdering Emory & Henry College graduate

(WCYB Archive)

UPDATE, 5:30 p.m.

A jury has found Joseph Canter III guilty of the 2017 murder of Emory & Henry College graduate Asheligh Landbein.

The jury deliberated about three hours Wednesday afternoon.

He was found guilty of first-degree murder and faces up to life in prison.

Sentencing will be Thursday.


The suspect in the 2017 murder of an Emory & Henry College graduate took the stand in his own defense Wednesday in Circuit Court in Abingdon.

The jury was then sent to chambers to deliberate the fate of Joseph Canter III who told the court that he was in a daze after taking LSD and doesn't remember killing Ashleigh Langbein, his live-in girlfriend at the time.

State prosecutors rejected Canter's claim, saying he intentionally shot the woman nine times.

If convicted, Canter faces up to life in prison.

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