UPDATE: Copeland guilty of murdering father

Joshua Copeland was convicted Tuesday of stabbing his father to death outside a parole office in Abingdon in June 2015. A jury will decide his sentence on Wednesday in Circuit Court. (WCYB Archive)

A jury in Washington County, Virginia took two hours to decide Joshua Copeland was guilty of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his father in 2015.

Those jury members will return to Circuit Court on Wednesday to decide Copeland's sentence, which could be between 20 years and life in prison.

Copeland's attorney presented no evidence in defense of the murder charge but tried to imply that Copeland did not mean to kill his father Edsel outside of the probation and parole offices in Abingdon nearly three years ago.

Copeland was taken into custody in Arkansas after leading police on a chase in three different states including a pursuit in Nashville, according to authorities.

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