UPDATE: Former Wellmont CEO DeNarvaez testifies in Highlands court suit

    (WCYB Archive / WHS)

    A key witness took the stand Friday as the former Wellmont Health System tries to defend a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit brought by a network of doctors.

    Denny DeNarvaez is a former Wellmont CEO who was in charge when Wellmont signed with Cigna and ended a working relationship with the Highlands Physicians group.

    She is Wellmont’s key defense witness as the jury trial goes into a third week next week.

    Highlands physicians representing 1,500 member doctors claims she and others at Wellmont intentionally dismantled the network after the merger between Bristol and Kingsport’s hospitals.

    DeNarvaez submitted her resignation in 2014 that was preceded by a vote of no confidence issued by select doctors of Bristol Regional Medical Center in 2013.

    The doctors say they and their patients suffered and they are seeking up to $75 million dollars in damages.

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