UPDATE: Human bones discovery in Johnson County provides new clue for missing person cases


The discovery of human remains on a remote roadway in Johnson County, Tennessee this week has refocused law enforcement efforts into five active missing person cases including the disappearance of a North Carolina man.

The cases have come to the forefront after a survey crew employed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation found the bones on Monday.

Sheriff Edward Tester told News 5 on Wednesday that his staff have five open investigations for missing people. Those include Harry Rosenburg, Julie Lovett, Jade Chambers and Junior South.

The last is Carlton Edmondson in a case we told you about in February when three people originally charged with kidnapping the Valdese, NC man were charged with his murder.

Prosecutors said Edmondson was brought into Johnson County near the state border over a drug debt by Michael Stacey May, 39, James Parker Combs, 31, and Brittany Michelle Arnold, 25 in January. Investigators received cell phone footage that showed the suspects assaulting Edmondson.

The missing man's family was also contacted by the suspects, according to police, and demanded a ransom for his return. That phone call also included Edmondson speaking with his mother, telling them the suspects were serious about harming him if the demands were not met.

Tester said after initial analysis was conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the bones have been taken to the Quillen College of Medicine at ETSU for further review.

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