UPDATE: Lee County Schools approves arming some employees

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UPDATE: The Lee County School Board has approved a policy to allow some of its employees to carry guns at county schools.

According to Mike Kidwell, the vote was unanimous.

The plan will be heading to a circuit judge for review.

If that is approved, the county can begin the process of providing weapons to employees.


The Lee County, Virginia School Board is voting tonight on what could be a landmark decision in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Over the last few months, the school board has been looking into the possibility of arming select school employees who complete a rigorous training regiment.

They want to name the employees "conservators of the peace" which would give them authoritative jurisdiction in a certain area.

Now, the school board has all their legal paperwork in place and are ready to put the issue up to vote.

"We've worked with the department of criminal justice services as well as the local sheriff to make sure we have training in place if this passes to ensure we are providing the best opportunity to serve our students and keep them safe without us being able to put an SRO in every building this is the next best thing," said Brian Austin, Lee County Superintendent of Schools.

Tonight's meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Thomas Walker High School.

If the school board approves the vote, the plan will then be reviewed by a circuit judge.

If that's approved, the county can begin the process of arming employees.

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