UPDATE: Norton man sentenced to 43 years for murder of ex-girlfriend

Matthew Tate, 29, will spend 43 years in prison after a judge passed sentence in Circuit Court Friday. Tate confessed to the 2014 murder of ex-girlfriend Kristina Padilla in a storage facility parking lot. (WCYB Archive)

The Norton, Virginia man found guilty of chasing his ex-girlfriend down and standing over while he shot her several times has received 43 years in prison.

A Circuit Court judge handed down the sentence Friday to Matthew Wesley Tate, 29, who confessed to the September 2014 murder of Kristina Padilla.

Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp described Tate's demeanor as stoic, unrepentant, and emotionless in his comments issued Friday following two days of testimony.

Police said that Tate went to a pawn shop and bought a .9mm handgun after Padilla tried to break off the relationship with him. After several attempts to meet her, Slemp said that Padilla finally decided to meet Tate.

He came to her home, picked her up and then drove to a storage facility on Lake Street in the town of Wise where he first shot her four times while standing outside the car and then several more times when Padilla tried to runaway from him inside the lot, the report said.

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