UPDATE: Suspect, victim identified in tree cutting / manslaughter case in Wise County


The man accused of killing a Kentucky woman in a freak tree cutting accident in Wise County over the weekend has been identified.

Tony Curtis Osborne, 35, of Pound, was located on property alongside U.S. Highway 23 on Saturday when he told officers he cut a tree for firewood and it fell on a car driven by Iris Walker, 64, of Jenkins. Walker was traveling northbound at the time, according to the criminal complaint obtained by WCYB, when the tree fell on top of the car, killing her.

Osborne is charged with involuntary manslaughter, trespassing and cutting or injure a tree near a highway, the report says. He says he cut the tree because it "looked unsafe" and didn't want it to fall.

"A measurement was taken from the white fog line of the highway to the stump of the tree that was cut. The distance was 47 feet 2 inches," according to the report.

Osborne is scheduled to be arraigned in General District Court on Feb. 11, court records said.

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