Warmer weather returns; time to clean the salt off your car

Car being washed in Johnson City. (Thomas Gray/WCYB)

For a week cold temperatures, snow and ice kept many people in the Tri-Cities, indoors. Sunday, many began returning to their normal routines.

Dustin Asbury worked during the week, but the cold weather still affected him.

"When I was going to work I had to take it slower,” Asbury said.”I would have to leave earlier."

His kids were cooped up in the house for the week, but Sunday the family ran errands.

"We're trying to take it easy and get stuff done that we couldn't get done when we were snowed in,” Asbury said.

Asbury’s family cleaned a week's worth of salt off their truck.

"It was really bad,” Asbury said. “My buddies were writing on it."

Teddy Clark said his truck was just as dirty.

"It was horrible,” Clark said. “It was covered in mud and salt."

Clark’s and Asbury’s trucks both got cleaned like thousands of other vehicles. The Ultimate Shine car wash chain reported cleaning more than 6,000 cars Saturday, with more than 700 being cleaned at the Johnson City location.

The customers said they felt ready to start enjoying the nicer weather.

"There was all kinds of ice everywhere," Asbury said. "Today it's real nice outside."

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