Washington County, TN Sheriff's Deputies save woman from burning home

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Two members of the Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff's Office are being called heroes for saving a woman from a burning home.

Deputy Brad Steadman was off duty and in bed when a call came across the scanner about a down tree and power line on Peaconwood Road. Steadman just happens to live down the street, so he went outside to check it out until the watch commander that night, Lieutenant Lee Cross, could get there.

"Lieutenant Cross and I were just sitting there talking and next thing you know, we both look at each other and Lieutenant Cross notices the house we were standing in front of was on fire," Steadman says.

As Lt. Cross arrived on scene, he called the county 911 center and said the living room was engulfed in flames and there were cars in the drive way.

The duo quickly jumped into action by checking each entrance to see if anyone was home.

"You could hear help, help help!" Steadman says.

67-year-old Marguerite Hill had collapsed by the front door, but it was locked from the inside.

"I couldn't open it," Steadman says. "I tried and tried and pulled and pulled and finally got the door open. Lt. Cross and I just went ahead and did what we were supposed to do and got her to safety."

"We got one victim," Lt. Cross signaled to the 911 center over his radio. "She's 10-8 with severe burns."

Deputies say they were lucky to have been at the scene when they were, and admit that if they were even one minute later to notice the burning house, the victim may not have made it out alive.

"If we wouldn't have already been there, it probably would have been too late," Lt. Cross says.

Running into a burning house isn't something Sheriff's Deputies usually train for, but it's something they both say they'd do again if necessary.

"I couldn't live with myself knowing I didn't do something so most definitely I'd do it again," Lt. Cross says.

Hill was taken to the hospital with severe burns but there's still no word on her condition.

Officials say they still aren't sure what started the fire.

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