Where is Baby Joe: TWRA, Dickson deputies search Tennessee City pond, no evidence found


The Dickson County Sheriff's Office and agents from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency used technology to search a pond for baby Joe Clyde Daniels on Monday.

The sheriff's office says, unfortunately no evidence was found when they searching a Tennessee City pond for baby Joe.

A Remotely Operated Vehicle was used to search the large pond. The ROV was also used early in the investigation searching lakes and ponds in the area.

Meanwhile, Joe's parents are still behind bars, charged in his death. Joseph Ray Daniels was moved to a state correctional facility last week over safety concerns and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Joseph Ray is facing premeditated first-degree murder, child abuse, tampering with evidence, criminal responsibility and false report charges, while Krystal is charged with failing to prevent aggravated child abuse and neglect, false report and accessory after the fact. Both Daniels pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The district attorney said in court that the death penalty could be sought in the case, depending on if Joe Clyde's body is found.

Previously, FOX 17 News learned Joe Clyde's blanket was found. According to sources close to the investigation, Joseph Ray said it was the blanket Joe received the previous Christmas.

It's the first piece of concrete evidence in the case, as of the hearing Monday, it appeared to be largely based on Joseph Ray's confession and Krystal's statement.

Joseph Daniels confessed to beating his son to death and hiding his body in a remote area back in the beginning of April. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said they have a video recording of Joseph Daniels' confession during a hearing.

Per the confession, Joe Clyde’s 8-year-old brother went into his parents’ bedroom to tell them baby Joe had peed on the floor. Joseph told TBI Joe Clyde started laughing, “so I beat him.”

Joe Clyde apparently ran outside near the road before Joseph retrieved his son and beat him again. Since the confession, Daniels has sent several locations for Joe's body to Dickson County officers, with no success.

According to Krystal's statement to police, Krystal heard a "loud, painful" scream that suddenly just stopped -- and it was silence. She came out of her room, saw Joe Clyde on the ground, not moving, with Joseph standing over him with his fist clenched. She never got close enough to check on him and went back to bed.

The state argued Krystal “walked hand in hand” with her husband, spreading lies about Joe Clyde’s disappearance.

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