Wise County not slowed by snow

The Powers family plays in the snow in Norton, Va. (Thomas Gray/WCYB)

Snowfall was especially heavy in wise county Saturday. Some parts of the county saw two inches of snow.

For Adelyn Powers, Saturday's snow was lots of fun. She enjoyed sledding and making snow angels, and she spent the morning outside with her grandparents. They said they enjoyed the winter weather, but they were also prepared for potential problems.

"We've got a four wheeler and a scraper blade," Adelyn's grandmother Judy Powers said. "It keeps our driveway scraped good."

The snow did not stop work on their new house.

"They figured it was better working in the snow than that rain we had," John Powers said. "It rained real hard for two or three days; they couldn't really do much, but they're getting a lot done today though."

The roads also were in good condition in the city of Norton.

"The city does a great job keeping the roads up, keeping it salted down," John Powers said.

"The back roads aren't too clear," Isaiah Sensabaugh said. "The main roads are pretty good."

Sensabaugh spent most of his day indoors, but he braved the roads to buy food.

"[I am] driving carefully," Sensabaugh said. "Trying not to slide or anything. If I slide, I'm probably going back home."

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