Soon you'll be able to drive-in to the Moonlite Theatre once again


People drive by the Moonlite Theatre in Abingdon, VA all the time, but they haven't been able to drive-in for quite some time. "We've been bringing our kids up here for years and years and years," Pam and Jim Moser said. "It was really sad and disheartening to see the moonlight close down. It's a sad thing to know kids these days don't have this venue to experience" The Mosers have been married for 37 years and still remember the many dates they had watching movies under the stars. "There were quite a few," Pam said. "It was a lot less expensive then going to the walk-in theatre," Jim continued. The historical landmark aired its first movie in 1949, but had to close almost 65 years later because of the digital changeover. Now the old treasure is being transformed into its original deco. "When someone comes that maybe came several years ago they can look and say, 'it looks just like it did when I came here in the 50s or 60s,' Moonlite Owner and President Kyle Blevins said. Blevins told News 5 it will not just show movies, but concerts, music festivals, car shows, and any type of community event. People like Teresa Quinton can't wait for future generations to share and create their own memories. "When I was six my family came to see the first original movie of King Kong," Quinton said. "When that King Kong climbed on the Empire State Building it scared me to death! I just want my grandchildren and my great grandchildren to be able to come and do the things and have the same memories that I have." The goal is to have the Moonlite up and running within the next few weeks, but they're asking for your help! Whether it's helping with renovations or donating paint, the owner said he'd like for people to be involved because everyone will enjoy it. Once ready, Sully and the new Star Trek will be the first movies to air. The cost is $7 for adults and $3 for children. If all goes as planned, they'll light the sign Saturday night at 8. If you'd like to be part of the transformation like the Moonlite Drive-In Theatre Facebook page.

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