Kentucky girl charged with attempted murder in poisoning of 4-year-old stepbrother

    Photo credit: MGN Online

    The Christian County Sheriff's Office has arrested a 12-year-old girl after she allegedly poisoned her little step-brother because her mother loved him more, according to our sister station WZTV.

    Police were called to the home by the children's mother after she found a Skype message where the girl admitted to poisoning the 4-year-old boy. The mother told police the boy had been sick and after discovering the message, the daughter admitted to pouring Mr. Clean in his cup of water and making him drink it.

    The girl also admitted the act to police and stated it was because the mother loved him more and the boy was irritating her.

    The girl was arrested last week and is facing a charge of attempted murder. Police say the boy possibly suffered internal injuries from the poisoning.

    Police say the girl is currently being evaluated at Cumberland Hall and it will be up to a judge if she stays in evaluation or is moved to a jail.

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