Man on 50 state road trip to bring Christmas cheer to homeless makes a stop in Baltimore

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    Rodney Smith Jr. is in the spirit of giving. His mission is to deliver gifts to the homeless in every state.

    This is all part of his Hope for the Holidays Tour, a 50-state road trip to deliver presents to at least two people in each state.

    On November 26, I will embark on my Hope for the Holidays Tour, a 50-state road trip to deliver gifts to at least two different people who are homeless in each state. Along with delivering the gifts to provide them with a simple moment of cheer, I hope to learn more about the different people i meet, find out how they became homeless and to understand what Christmas means to them.

    Friday, Rodney made a stop in Baltimore, Maryland where he met Mr. Homes.

    So far, Rodney has made a difference in 41 states in just 19 days.

    I want to not only help the people I meet, but to inspire others to do help the homeless by tearing away stigmas and other stereotypes often associated with being homeless. If people realize that even small gestures for just a couple people will make a difference, we can change the world

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