Virginia school bus driver identified after he was hit, killed by fellow school bus driver

Virginia school bus driver identified after he was hit, killed by fellow school bus driver. (ABC7)

BRISTOW, Va. (WJLA) - A school bus driver in Prince William County is dead after he was hit by another school bus in a lot Monday morning, according to authorities.

Prince William County Public Schools officials said Richard Lee Proffitt, 62, of Manassas, was hit by a bus backing out of a service bay. He died at the scene, police said.

Prince William County Police said the accident happened at the Prince William County Schools McCuin Transportation Center in the 7900 block of Piney Branch Lane in Bristow.

Officers said they were called to the scene at around 7:31 a.m. and that no children were on the bus during the incident. The other driver, a 60-year-old man was not injured, according to authorities.

PWCS released a statement on the incident:

Jewell Moore, the principal of Haymarket Elementary School issued the following letter to parents and guardians. A similar letter was sent from Battlefield High School and Reagan Middle School.

Haymarket Elementary School
15500 Learning Lane, Haymarket, VA 20169
P: 703.468.2800 W:
Jewell Moore, Principal
February 5, 2018
Dear Haymarket Elementary School Parents and Guardians:
You may have heard about a tragic accident that occurred this morning in which a school bus driver was killed after he was struck by a bus at the McCuin bus lot. No children were on the bus at the time of the accident. The family of the bus driver who passed away has asked that we not release his name. However, please be advised that he did drive a bus for Haymarket Elementary School.
It is possible that your child may have already heard this information. If not, we ask you to share this information in a manner that you deem appropriate for your child.
In order to support the Haymarket family, a team of counselors was available throughout the day for staff as well as for students, and the rest of the week, as needed. Staff will continue to help students and the community with their grief on an ongoing basis.
You may want to pay particular attention to your child’s emotional needs during the next few weeks. A few suggestions for helping your child are as follows:
1. Encourage your child to talk with you about the feelings he/she is experiencing concerning the death. It is common to experience a range of emotions when managing grief and loss. Let your child know you are available to talk about the death and to answer questions.
2. Be aware that your child may or may not feel like “business as usual” for a while. Talk about ways to feel better.
3. Initiate a discussion of the death with your child. Research has shown that this helps the healing process.
4. Watch for ongoing signs of difficulty which could indicate that your child may need additional help. Some of the signs to watch for are: prolonged sadness, withdrawal from social contact, change in eating or sleeping habits, or other behavior unusual for your child.
Thank you for your caring and continued support at this difficult time.
Jewell Moore

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