Student denied lunch on first day of school over 15 cents

FILE - School lunch. (USDA via MGN)

WASHINGTON (CIRCA) - A student at a central Florida high school said her lunch was thrown away after a cafeteria worker noticed her account was 15 cents short.

ClickOrlando reports Kimberly Aiken's daughter came home from her first day of school at University High in Orange City hungry, having been refused lunch.

"She puts her food on the tray, gets to the front, gives her number to the cashier, and she says, 'Well, you owe 15 cents,'" Aiken said. "My daughter said she didn't have any money, so the cashier took her food."

A spokesperson for Volusia County Public Schools said, "The school is always willing to work with students and families as needed" and the county will resolve the issue with the family directly.

The student brought a quarter to school the next day to pay for the difference, and the cafeteria worker told her everything was taken care of.

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