Terrifying moment caught on camera after boy's leg gets caught in resort pool suction line

Photo/Video: (Horry County, South Carolina Fire Rescue)

Horrifying moments were caught on camera at a South Carolina resort.

The security footage shows two boys playing in the lazy river at a hotel in North Myrtle Beach last month.

You can see the boys lift a grate, then one of the boys, who is 12-years-old, gets his leg stuck in the pool suction line. In the video, you can see his friend trying to pull him out of the water, but he’s not able to free the boy.

Panic spreads as visitors and staff are seen jumping into the pool and trying to rescue the boy.

Thankfully, one man knew underwater CPR and was able to keep the boy alive. The boy was stuck underwater for nine minutes before being rescued by police responding to the scene.

Police say they did CPR until they detected a slight pulse.

Local media outlets report that the boy is now in stable condition.

No charges have been filed.

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